Reading African SF

African Science-Fiction is incredibly lively and often (not always!) looks at the future in ways European readers are not accustomed to – like living alongside aliens (as minor gods, friends and neighbors, symbiots, etc.) rather than defending our ground against them. Global warming is also very present in stories from a continent that knows first-hand about warmth, desired or forced migrations, the dearth of water and the importance of biodiversity.


AfroSF is a good introduction to many, mostly very good, English-language writers. Recommended stories: “Five sets of hands” by Cristy Zinn, “Azania” by Nick Wood, “Heresy” by Mandisi Nkomo, “Masquerade Stories” by Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu, “Ofe!” by Rafeeat Aliyu, “To gaze at the sun” by Clifton Gachagua…

And there are many more writers, videasts, visual artists and game designers to discover. This 2015 Guardian paper provides links to several blogs, magazines and online platforms.  South-African writer Geoff Ryman has started a travelling series on “100 African Writers of SFF” (2 installments as of Nov.2016). The Huffington Post has a long paper on “Afrofuturism” (see also Wikipedia) featuring visual artists and musicians along with writers with a more militant approach to their art.

And this is,hopefully, just a beginning.

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